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Metal Shed with Expandable Design

The Expandable Mobile Shed, measuring 20 ft. x 16 ft., offers versatile functionality to accommodate various needs. Crafted from galvanized steel, this high-quality storage unit ensures durability and resilience against fungal decay, rot, and termite damage. Its robust design withstands harsh weather conditions effortlessly. 


Expandable Mobility: The storage unit's expandable design facilitates easy transportation and assembly, enhancing user convenience.

Large Space: With external dimensions of 20 ft x 16 ft x 8 ft and an unexpanded state size of 20 ft x 8 ft x 2 ft, it offers a generous storage capacity of approximately 2560 cu. ft. (320 sq. ft.)

Energy Efficiency: Constructed with EPS insulation materials, the unit ensures excellent thermal efficiency for temperature regulation and energy conservation.

Expandable mobile metal storage
Expandable mobile metal storage folded

Robust Construction: Featuring a sturdy framework structure and a protective coating, the unit ensures exceptional stability and durability, resisting external elements effectively.

Optimized Ventilation: Equipped with windows for natural light and ventilation, the unit creates a comfortable and secure environment for stored items.

Effortless Assembly: The assembly process is easy and fast, requiring installation on a flat surface for optimal performance.

Main Features

Electrical Wiring

Installed to moisture-proof specifications, CE-certified electrical products, customizable circuitry

Folding Container House

Ideal for camps, road construction, mining, and real estate projects, supplied in bulk

Fully assembled before shipping, 360° waterproof roof, pre-installed windows, doors, and electrical systems

Expandable mobile metal storage size

from $13999


Quick Installation

Assembles in just 5 minutes per unit, ideal for rapid camp or city construction

Product Installation

Expandable mobile metal storage installation

Versatile Solutions With Containers

Rapid Housing Solutions

Construction Site Offices

Portable Retail Spaces

Remote Workstations

Tourist Accommodations

Temporary Event Spaces

Educational Facilities

Artistic Studios

Emergency Shelters

Off-Grid Living

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