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 Quick Install Container Homes

Discover the future of living with SwiftSpace Container Homes. Revolutionizing construction, these quick-install, sustainable structures redefine convenience, mobility, and affordability. Crafted from durable steel, SwiftSpace offers a flexible, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional housing. Explore the innovative features and benefits of SwiftSpace, where fast assembly meets long-lasting comfort.


Swift Construction: Say goodbye to prolonged construction timelines. SwiftBuild Container Homes can be assembled within days, offering a faster route to your dream living or working space.

Cost-Efficiency Unleashed: Unlock the potential of affordability. Utilizing recycled shipping containers makes SwiftBuild a cost-effective solution, allowing you to build on a budget without compromising quality.

Effortless Relocation: Experience the ease of mobility. SwiftBuild Container Homes enable seamless relocation, catering to individuals in the construction industry or businesses requiring flexible spaces.

Foldable container house and mobile office
Foldable container house and mobile office

Energy-Efficient Living: Embrace efficiency without sacrifice. SwiftBuild Container Homes are energy-efficient, demanding less energy during construction and daily operations compared to traditional homes.

Tailored to Your Vision: Personalize your living or working space. SwiftBuild Container Homes offer customization options, allowing you to choose interior and exterior designs, size, layout, and features tailored to your needs.

Main Features

Electrical Wiring

Installed to moisture-proof specifications, CE-certified electrical products, customizable circuitry

Folding Container House

Ideal for camps, road construction, mining, and real estate projects, supplied in bulk

Fully assembled before shipping, 360° waterproof roof, pre-installed windows, doors, and electrical systems

Foldable container house and mobile office size

from $6999


Quick Installation

Assembles in just 5 minutes per unit, ideal for rapid camp or city construction

Foldable container specification

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Corner Fitting




Corner Column

Industrial Plug


Top Ring Beam

Product Details

Versatile Solutions With Containers

Rapid Housing Solutions

Construction Site Offices

Portable Retail Spaces

Remote Workstations

Tourist Accommodations

Temporary Event Spaces

Educational Facilities

Artistic Studios

Emergency Shelters

Off-Grid Living

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